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You are a person of influence.  Your are blessed with skills, purpose and passion, (Your App).  We welcome an opportunity to get to see if your (App) is a match for The Life Center Platform.  Together we can positively impact the world. 

Upcoming coming events


Check to see if there is an event that you would like to serve and use your (App) to bless others. 

Events are updated weekly, so, if you do not see the right event today, please check back next week.

International Missions Impact


Find out about how you and impact another nation from the US or by going with us on a missions trip to another part of the world. 

Families Needs and Compassion Corner


Love and Legacy, we love individuals where they are, but, we love them too much to leave them where they are.  We Equip, Encourage and Engage them to take the next steps in their Life Process to success.