Vision & Mission



To see Families, Cities and Nations Positively Transformed: Spiritually, Socially & Economically  for the Glory of God The Father. 



Ignite, Inspire, Educate, Equip, Engage and Encourage people to positively impact their Homes, Cities and Nations: Spiritually, Socially & Economically through the L.I.F.E Center Model...

Bringing L.i.f.e to the world


Bringing L.I.F.E to the world one person at a time: 

  • L - (Love, Life, Legacy)
  • I -  (Integrity, Influence, Intimacy)
  • F - (Faith, Family, Finance)
  • E - (Empower, Evangelism      Entrepreneurship)

A Mentor For Every Fatherless Youth

A Mentor For Every Fatherless Youth Global Initiative 

Three Pronged Missional Impact



Reunite Men, Women and Youth with The Loving Heavenly Father.  Through a transformational relationship with His Son Jesus, who came to bring us true LIFE.  

They are Equipped through:

  • Manhood & Fatherhood University
  • Womanhood & Mother University 
  • Youth Enrichment University



We Love people where they are. We Love them too much to leave them where they are. Today, many people are stuck in a cycle of defeat.  

Trained team members and counselors will coach individuals to navigate the maze of life's challenges. 

Using In-House solutions, or The Life Centers Partnership Network (LCPN), the Team will equip them to reach their next level and ultimate goal in L.I.FE. 



For far too long, many people were told and expected the Tax-payers (Government) to take care of them and their children for life.  We teach the Biblical principles on Economics  and Success.

  • Give a Fish today (For Immediate need)
  • Teach to Fish (For Longterm Needs)
  • Train How to Own the Lake (Feed a City) We Cultivate the Entrepreneur within.