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Paul, a second generation ordained minister has a passion to see men and their families flow in harmony.  When a man walks in the character of Christ, his family has a 93% chance of living their lives for the Lord. 

Healthy Families produce healthy, balanced children, pastors, and leaders.  Healthy churches produce healthy communities and healthy communities produce a healthy nation and world.  Every facet of society, from our President to the person on the Pew, came from a family.

The word Family comes from the word Father, so, as the Father goes, so goes the family, and as the family goes, so goes the church, community and the world.  That is why, when The God of the universe sent His Son Jesus, He spent his time mentoring and investing The Kingdom Principles in the lives of 12 men.

Men's Events

Paul has been ministering to men, women and youth for over 30 years.  He brings and ministers from the Father's heart and men connect with him.  He ministers at various men's events and he encourages pastors to invest time with the men in his church. 

Preach on Sunday morning

Paul is currently traveling across America preaching and casting the community impact vision of using church facilities to launch a Life Center in their region.  His message will usually cover these key areas:

  • The state of our nation
  • The condition of the church in America
  • The state of the family in our nation
  • The impact on our children and society
  • The solution and impact of engaging the local church to impact their city 
  • Call to action (As a visionary, he stirs-up the heart and motivates to action) 

Caution!!  If you are afraid to see you congregation inspired and motivated to do something positive in the community, you may not want to invite Paul to speak at your church. 

Cost: Paul doesn't charge a fee for booking him to speak/preach: He would however, welcome an Honorarium (or Love Offering ) for his time and as a seed gift for the ministry.  If he has to drive more than 2 Hrs or fly to get to your facility, pre-travel expenses would be discussed. 

Chamber events - corporate settings - Economic Impact

Paul speaks at various venues:

  • Chamber Events
  • Civic Clubs (Kiwanis Clubs, Rotary Clubs Etc.)
  • Company Events

                                                     Marketplace Impact

For many years, pastors made business leaders feel less-than, because their influence was outside of the "church building".  When a pastor calls for a prayer meeting, the attendance may be less than 10%, but when a christian business leader calls for a prayer meeting the attendance us usually 90-100%.  God is moving and influencing in the Marketplace. 

Cast Vision to pastors and Business Leaders

Paul knows it is often difficult to win other leaders over to a new idea or vision.  He would love to cast a compelling vision and answer any questions that key board members or denominational leaders may have. 

Business Leaders:

Paul is connecting with business leaders across the country to discuss how they can strategically work together to impact the nations:

  • Partnering with Franchise opportunities
  • Win-Win Partnerships to grow business, while providing employment opportunities
  • Key White label deals for multiple income streams for economic impact in the city
  • Media Partnerships and cross-marketing opportunities etc. 

Paul's Interview on TBN Orlando

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