Sponsor A Fatherless Youth To Attend Promise Keepers 2020


Stand In the Gap for Fatherless Youth

Partner with us to send A Fatherless Boy to The Life Changing Promise Keepers

Event on  July 31- August 1, 2020  at The AT&T Stadium in Arlington TX. 

Fatherless Crisis in America

America cannot be great again until we return to God again.  Godly Character is not taught, it is caught through a modeled relationship.  Today, with no Godly male role models in the lives of Fatherless youths, the ramifications are staggering: 

  • 90% of Crimes are committed by Fatherless Youths
  • 92% of Runaway Youths are from Fatherless Homes
  • 90% of School Shooters with Mental Health Issues are from Fatherless Homes
  • 85% of Youths in Jail are from Fatherless Homes
  • 80% of Rapists are from Fatherless Homes
  • 75-85% of Youths living in Poverty are from Fatherless Homes
  • 63% of Youths that commit Suicide are from Fatherless Homes

Radical Groups are Recruiting Fatherless Youth and Radicalizing them to commit crimes.  In 2013, two youths from America were recruited and Radicalized to hold Families Hostage in a Kenyan Mall.  

Timing is Everything:

  • Who will reach them first?
  • Who will positively Influence them?
  • Who will build The Godly Character of Christ in this generation?
  • Who will stand in the Gap for This Generation?
  • Would the Gang Leader be the influencer or A Godly Man?

Partner with us to help turn the tide in America.  Invest in this generation:

  • What if you Invested $60 to Impact a Fatherless Youth?
  • What if you Invested $120 to Impact 2 Fatherless Youths?
  • What if you Invested $600 to Impact 10 Fatherless Youths?

Godly men are Standing In The Gap. They would be Bringing Fatherless Youths to The PK Event.  Funds would be used to:

  • Cover the cost for Fatherless youth to attend the PK Event
  • Train and Equip Men to be Godly Father Figure Mentors in their cities
  • Air Flights, Lodging, Food and Transportation to and from the Event


Sponsor A Prayer Breakfast

Partner with this cause to impact this generation of Fatherless Youth.  Help us reach and Engage men to be mentors across the nation. 

Past Events

           Father's Blessing Sons and Fatherless Boys - June 2019