Youth Entrepreneurship Impact


Impacting the DESTINY of Youth

It cost tax-payers about $140,000 per year to incarcerate one youth, but it only cost $40,000 per year to train and equip that same youth to become a future business owner and productive tax-paying citizen. 

What if you can make a positive impact in the life of a Youth today?  Invest in Equipping us to Train and Engage a Youth to Start and Operate a Business today.


Meet Taylor Pope - State Youth Entrepreneurship Director

Taylor is facilitating  the Training and Equipping of Youth Entrepreneurs to serve small and mid size businesses in areas of Digital Marketing, Data Mining, R&D and many other business needs, to create win-win opportunities in the marketplace. 

“From an early age, Taylor has always been one for exploring new ideas. And since his encounter with Christ at seventeen, he allows God to use him to be a minister in his home and community, and to work for His Glory. Taylor has been interested in business for most of his time in high school, and he wishes to use his talents to always pursue the next thing his Father leads him too!”

Invest and Partner with us to train and equip youths to make a positive impact in our nation today. Instead of them being hooked on Drugs, we will Cultivate their Dreams into their Destiny...


Invest in Youth - change the world

Your Investment/Donation today will help us Train, Equip and Launch a Youth in the Marketplace-(Business World.)