Partner Resources

Building Partnerships


To address and positively impact this global crisis, we need to connect with people who share the same passion and vision.  

sharing the Game Plan


In order for our partners to be on the same page, we have to share our blueprint and Game Plan for impacting families and communities.

Building Team Synergy


Each partner is unique.  We welcome and embrace their uniqueness - that is their "App" - so to speak. We place their "App" on the Life Center Platform to bless others.  Everyone is a valued member on the team. 

Central Florida Dream Ctr.


The Central Florida Dream Center is a key partner.  Building on two decades of positive influence in the communities in Florida we would build on the mentoring and training for our future team members. 

Harvest Time International


HTI has a long history of positively impacting the nation and world.  Together, we would help resource and train other leaders and regions on key ways to maximize their resources 

Global Coaching Network


Monthly coaching would be provided to leaders who sign-up to be part of this global coaching network.  We would bring fresh insight into real day to day challenges that these leaders face in their region of the country or world. 

Iron Men of God


Teaming-up With Iron Men of God To reach men around the world...

Born Male, but forged to be Iron Men in the Image and Character of Christ.

Proverbs 27:17 - Building Iron Men of God

Better Man Ministries


Uniting to Impact men to be Better Men:

  • Better Men to Their Wives
  • Better Men to Their Children
  • Better Men as Mentors
  • Better Men in The World...

Man in The Mirror


Resourcing Men and Church leaders to equip men to be the men God ordained them to be.  Connect with men in your region to join a team of men to build a brotherhood in time of need. 

Christian Help


To prevent homelessness by helping people find jobs while providing for them materially and spiritually. Christian Help is making a positive impact. 

Sanford Regional Ministry Ctr.


 Facilitating Positive Regional Impact in Central Florida and the world.  When Godly leaders unite around a positive cause they can influence the world.  

Act to Act ministry


Act to Act is seeking to facilitate and alleviate the impact of poverty and homelessness through education and the restoration of relationships.

Christian Men's Network


Connecting men in the Brotherhood of God.  Reaching men worldwide, Equipping them to live maximized in their Manhood.

Promise Keepers


Promise Keepers is here today to help men reunite, rebuild, re-imagine, and inspire their hearts towards Integrity.

National Coalition of Men


“Together, Building Men.” We are uniting leaders to amplify their influence. NCMM provides visibility, connection, and growth opportunities for ministry leaders to become more influential in discipling men.